Mirrored: The Reflective Resolution

Student Entrant 2016

University of Advancing Technology
Live in the Game, LLC


"A Journey from dissolution to connection"

Mirrored: The Reflective Resolution is a 2.5D action-adventure puzzler that follows an impactful storyline of a girl named Lily (Protagonist). Lily grows up with hardship as she learns to cope with the loss of her birth parents that died in a tragic car accident. As she tries to find herself, she gets drawn into a mirrored world where she seeks answers and a connection between her past and new found life.

Through her journey, Lily is accompanied by her sidekick Logos, a mysterious and snarky cat who serves as a witty guide helping her against enemies that stand in the way. As they both seek out their adventure and await answers, they will encounter several obstacles through immersive gameplay. One of the many obstacles is entry into a mirrored/alternate reality where they will face shadow enemies and bosses. Lily and Logos will defend themselves by using their puzzle solving abilities and tactical skills to reach hope and seek the awaited answers.