Entrant 2016



MonsterBag is a kind of puzzle, point and click action game. The game is about a little blue monster called V and V's journey to get back to his friend Nia (a charming little girl), passing through places filled with people.
But what would you do if you saw a monster approaching you? Smash it to death, of course! You'll have to help V sneak past people, all the while being aware of where they're looking and what particular behaviors they have. Don't worry, he has a card up his slee… well, he has no clothes, but he's not a powerless monster. V has some telekinetic skills that surely will be useful in more than several occasions.

We hope you'll love MonsterBag as much as we do! We've put all our heart into this story with some new and unusual ways to play so we hope that all our efforts will bring you more than one smile, some tears and a lot of "pull your hair out" moments.