No Place for Bravery

Entrant 2022

Glitch Factory


Contemplate the toll of death as you parry & cleave your way out of frantic, brutal battles in No Place for Bravery, a 2D action RPG where a father roams a devastated world in search of his daughter.

You play as Thorn, who stumbles upon the chance for redemption after finding clues to the whereabouts of his long-lost daughter. Only you can decide how far Thorn will go not just to rescue his daughter, but also to fulfill his ambitions from the past.

No Place for Bravery focuses on fast-paced combat and parrying. Thorn, accompanied by his adoptive son Phid, is a skilled warrior in a world where people like him perish all the time. Making mistakes will be punishing, and you will experience a lingering sense of vulnerability as you face down the dangers of the world of Dewr, rendered in gorgeous pixel art.

The story of Bravery carries a strong message about the role of paternal figures and the consequences of their choices in a troubled world. This message was shaped by the developers' personal life experiences, with the aim of imparting these real feelings with soulful resonance.