Student Entrant 2016

DigiPen Institute of Technology
DigiPen Team Mean Folks


A mysterious shadow figure trapped in the shadow world, with the lost of memory, voice. heart and soul. A fairy came along to the rescue with her magical light which aids the shadow in searching of his soul fragments that will recover what he has lost. Players are to control both of the character and use light to bend shadows, cast from the environment. By controlling the fairy, players can create paths for the shadow figure to pass through obstacles or unlock mysteries which lie ahead.

The core game idea came from our tool programmer, Shi Kang. While searching for an innovative idea, he came across a cultural Shadow play, an old tradition from Thailand. This unique play uses puppets held between a white translucent cloth and a source of light. The shadows then are cast onto the cloth and entertainers would start to control the puppets to tell traditional old folk stories. With this unique play, he thought of using environment objects' shadow, cast from a source of light, and there would be a shadow character using this shadows to get across obstacles and platforms.