Objects in Space

Entrant 2020

Flat Earth Games


Objects in Space is an open world space game where you control your own ship and can buy and sell goods, avoid or partake in combat, take quests from NPCs and follow an epic story of humanity starting anew in a cluster of star systems 10 light-years from Earth. Spaceships in Objects are based on submarines, with no window to peer out of and nothing but sensors and charts to help paint a picture of the outside world. It's a tense game of cat-and-mouse, a stealth-action open world game in a retro 2D representation of space, but one in which players can avoid all combat if they so choose. The player is part of the original colonising crew of the Cassandra, a gigantic ship carrying hundreds of thousands to their new home in the Apollo cluster. Aboard a tiny support ship, they get caught in a jump malfunction and arrive in Apollo 44 years after the rest of humankind. Finding themselves an outsider, they must freely figure out a way to make a living, lead a life and keep their ship flying. There are over 130 quests in the game, but no main storyline to follow, emphasising the 'small fish in a big pond' and anti-hero's journey we aspired to create. Players have more freedom than most Triple A open world games to lean into whatever type of experience they want by customising multiple difficulty sliders, building their ship for combat/stealth/trading, and customising their own game using sandbox mode or modding tools.