One Hand Clapping

Student Entrant 2019

University of Southern California
Bad Dream Games


One Hand Clapping is a unique 2D puzzle platformer that invites you to sing into a microphone to solve musical puzzles. Players enter a world full of the potential for music, and couple their exploration of the environment with an exploration of their own abilities – their voice. One Hand Clapping is the first game to push the player to sing freely while analyzing their pitch to create a new form of interaction between player and computer. It is an unprecedented call and response in which the player must react to the game with deliberation from both their mind and body.

One Hand Clapping is a game about self-discovery in which the player develops better sense of who they are throughout the experience. While many games seek to empower their player, One Hand Clapping is unique in that the character's power – their voice – is coming not from the game but literally from the player themselves. The player starts without confidence in their voice, and with slow prompting and ramping challenges, gains confidence enough to sing without inhibition, ultimately realizing the influence their voice holds.