Orb Rivals

Entrant 2020

Orionark Games


Football and jet-powered hockey collide in the intergalactic sport of Orb! Take the fluid movement of Tribes and the physics-based ball juggling of Rocket League and you get Orb Rivals, in development for PC and slated for a mid- to late-2020 release. Two teams face off in arenas across the galaxy, fighting for control of an orb that they must carry into the opposing endzone to score a point.

Players use propulsion mitts to easily snatch the ball out of the air or off the ground, and charge it up for cross-arena passes to teammates. Hover boots and boost armor combine to allow players to jet around the arena at breakneck speed, and leap into the air to get away from defenders or jump onto the elevated goal platform.

Orb Rivals has a distinct lack of weapons, so players take advantage of momentum and smash into opponents to strip the ball, or with enough force, knock them out for a short period. Teamplay and individual skill are both crucial to succeed in the arena, so play with friends or practice those jukes to come out on top!