Oriental Empires

Entrant 2017

Shining Pixel Studios


Oriental Empires is an epic blend of historical and 4X gameplay that lets you relive the rise of civilization in China over three thousand years of progress, from the earliest times, until the rise of gunpowder.. Build cities, fight wars, and discover new inventions, ideas and philosophies. The action unfolds on a gorgeous and realistic map of ancient China, that reflects your progress. You can step right into your game world, zooming down to eye level to watch you peasants toiling in the fields, or to review your armies, then seamlessly zoom out for a strategic overview.

Gameplay is turn based, but uses an innovative system where players input their orders simultaneously, then all the forces move and fight in realtime under computer control right on the strategy map. Zoom in to watch the action as thousands of men horses and siege engines battle, or fast forward to the result. Players may set formations and battle plans beforehand to influence the outcome.

Gameplay brings to life the great themes of Chinese history; the conflict between civilized farmers and barbarian nomads, the danger of peasant revolts, and the myriad conflicting philosophies and religions. Honor your ancestors, forge an empire, and create the worlds most enduring civilization.