Entrant 2019

Lightbulb Crew


Othercide is a horror-themed tactical turn-based game about the sacrifices you must make to prevent reality from shattering. Learn to master predicting enemies' moves to execute flawless tactical plans. Are you strong enough to face what lies on the other side?

Key Features

-Breaking the turn-based standard:
Introducing the Initiative Sequence system, you will experience a new way to predict enemies' moves and execute a flawless tactical plan. Foresee danger and set up attack interruptions, devastating delayed actions and lethal reactions. You will have to wisely time attacks and defenses to overcome your adversaries.

-Brutal gameplay:
Including roguelite features, deadly missions, limited resources, and permanent death, every decision counts and comes with a sacrifice, of resources, or in blood!

-Memento mori:
As you confront the deadly creatures of Othercide, awake your Daughters and unlock memories of a mystery past. With those mementos will come incredible powers or terrible traumas for your Daughters. What will you be ready to sacrifice to ensure victory?

-Never ending war:
Survive, protect and defend reality from shattering, try to endure as long as possible while facing terrible and sometimes deadly choices. Even in defeat, new truths are learned, and options arise as sacrifices bring you closer to success.

-Striking art style:
Othercide invites you to dive into an ethereal horror dimension, in-between two realities, brought to life with a dark and twisted monochromatic style, with a touch of vivid red.