Entrant 2019

Arbitrary Metric


A world which at first glance seems familiar, but is never quite right. Something shifts under the surface. A twitch, a flicker, and then nothing. You've been caught smuggling VHS tapes across the border. You have instructions to kill the proprietor of the old diner. You've found yourself lost in the woods among the remains of cursed industry. Three intersecting threads take you on a journey through a cruel fever dream world.

Paratopic is a narrative, horror-tinged adventure game. An experiment in non-linear, fragmented storytelling and in leveraging filmic techniques that are unusual in interactive media. It aims to be both an adventure and a mood-piece, building a liminal, unsettling tone.

- A diverse range of hand-crafted, detailed environments awash with nuanced world building and storytelling.
- Dynamic and varied narrative vignettes and situations. Acts of violence, driving cars, placid photography and a host of off-kilter characters to meet.
- A subtly dynamic soundscape composed from over an hour of bespoke tracks. Through glitched, burbling sound design and a soundtrack that harks back to late 90s FM and tracker audio, the ambience of Paratopic warps and segues as you journey through the world.