Entrant 2018

The Deep End Games


Perception is a tense narrative thriller about a blind woman's quest to prove herself by exploring the haunted mansion from her nightmares. Armed with only her white cane and her wits, Cassie is forced to solve the mysteries of Echo Bluff or become one of its victims. And having been told "no" plenty of times in her life, she's not exactly the victim type.

Cassie finds her way through the house by tapping her cane to "see" via echolocation. Every sound creates a visual, but there is a cost. Each cane tap will reveal her whereabouts not only to herself, but to her pursuer, the Presence. She must avoid detection by using the ambient noise of the house to help her navigate or by making use of objects to create distractions.

As the mysteries of Echo Bluff unfold, Cassie discovers a sordid history that revolves around the various women of the house being wronged. When the truth is discovered, Cassie knows what she must do to exorcise the house's demons...and her own.

The Deep End Games is comprised of a married couple who made Perception in their basement (between chasing around their four crazy kids). An indie studio with a AAA pedigree, our team has been leads on projects such as BioShock and BioShock Infinite.