Student Entrant 2021

Howest University of Applied Sciences - Digital Arts and Entertainment
Andres De Ruyter, Brik Gypers, Jens Lelie, Maximiliaan Hendrikx, Ruben Perrewé


No time to chill! Use your timing and teamwork skills to execute the fastest pit stop for your racing team. Quick rounds, rotating roles, and quirky mechanics make this the race of a lifetime. Don't try to fail, otherwise your teammates will have to face the consequences…

PitStartStop is an action "un" simulator* game for four players. Your racing team needs this medal so badly, so join forces as a pit stop crew to fix your almost broken car as quickly as possible. Make your way to the top on many race tracks from around the world.
*Simulation genre where players are tasked to do something real but the game isn't trying to be accurate.