PixelJunk 4am

Entrant 2013



In an industry overflowing with color-and-beat-matching "Simon Says" music games, PixelJunk 4am presents a fresh alternative to the music genre, featuring unique game mechanics utilizing motion controls designed to emulate the mixing techniques of real-world club DJs. 'Painting' with sound across a 'Virtual Audio Canvas,' players can drop the bass, blend musical components on the fly (composed by acclaimed multimedia artist, Baiyon), and manipulate audio parameters using nothing more than a single (or dual) a PS Move controller --all the while influencing the game's beautiful, expressionist visualizers.

PixelJunk 4am --an 'always on, always broadcasting' downloadable title for PSN-- breaks new ground in the social arena, too, allowing spectators to view player 'broadcasts' and reward them with 'Kudos' using the free PixelJunk 4am Viewer. Personalized 'event flyers' can be announced on Twitter and Facebook, too, offering players a way to cultivate a virtual audience for their events. PixelJunk 4am aims to open the music genre to a whole new world of gamers with a thrilling new gaming experience that blends the latest technologies with the most precious of currencies; inspiration and individuality.