Please, Touch The Artwork

Entrant 2021

Studio Waterzooi


Please, Touch The Artwork is a relaxing, puzzling, artful adventure for those who like touching the untouchable. What would happen if we did touch the artwork?

Story: Visit the exhibition of T. Waterzooi, an avant-garde digital abstract painter and a contemporary of Piet Mondrian, founder of art-movement De Stijl (The Style, 1917). While Mondrian was advocating pure abstraction, Waterzooi accidentally discovered an interactive world behind Mondrian's canvases. However, people thought his work was too derivative and Waterzooi was never accepted as a real artist in the art-community. Now, a 200 years later, he finally is.

The first season contains 4 mini-games each based on a different Mondrian painting.
The game aims to be aesthetic, inspiring & educational while strengthening the bridge between art & games. A journey to the origins of modern art.