Pretzel After Dark

Student Entrant 2019

RMIT University
Tim Snowdon (milkymilkface)


Pretzel After Dark is an intimate, co-operative, body contortion game. Two body parts are revealed onscreen and players must attempt to bring those parts into contact. Connections are held and accumulate, so each new set of instructions ties and tangles bodies closer together.

Throughout play, the group of players must figure out who will supply which body part and negotiate how they will link them together, communicating what they are prepared and capable of doing. This centres gameplay around a process of discussion, consent and respect.

Pretzel After Dark is a sexually charged, visually queer variant of the original Pretzel Pocket (released on Android and iOS). While Pretzel Pocket encouraged contact in an ambiguous, nonsexual setting, After Dark delves right into the discomfort of our most intimate places. Some physical orientations will seem a little suggestive or titillating, while others will be downright weird. Either way, Pretzel After Dark supplies a complex landscape of bodily sensation, reservation and humour.