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While at a party, a young girl known as "Rehtona" (the reverse of "Another") witnesses the world beginning to change without warning. Two seemingly identical but completely different worlds overlap each other – and all the party guests disappear except for her. After a series of unexplained events, Rehtona embarks on a journey to uncover the truth.

The player will take on the role of Rehtona – solving puzzles to collect memory fragments scattered throughout the world. Whenever a complete image is assembled, a memory that doesn't seem to belong to Rehtona will be imprinted onto her mind. Rehtona is getting closer and closer to the shocking truth ...

In Rehtona, there are one core factor: "the two world": outer world, and inner world. Each game level contains a sequence of multiple puzzles. By discovering and taking advantage of the differences between these two worlds, the player needs to act in one world while anticipating the consequences in others.

After the opening sequence, Rehtona will gain the ability to place illusion marks in the outer world she inhabits. These illusion marks will become "statues" in the inner world. Players need to think carefully about where to place these illusion marks because they help players traverse the inner world.

Rehtona is a platform game with innovative puzzle gameplay. We hope that players will enjoy the game's mechanics and original storyline. Currently, the game is in demo form. The final version – which is planned for a mid-November release – will contain 40+ levels and a robust, immersive story.