Entrant 2018



Lightning fast and action packed, Rifter is the love child of Speedrunners, Bionic Commando and Hotline Miami, mixed with acrobatics and parcour. Run and gun and swing and dash in this glorious neon-colored platformer!

Take the ninja rope mechanic from Worms, merge it with a fast-paced platformer, add combat mechanics and flavor it with 80s synthwave visuals and music.

The facts:
¥ 2.5D platformer
¥ For PC/Steam (Windows, Mac and Linux)
¥ Single-Player story-arc with multiple endings
¥ Faaaaast gameplay!
¥ Bossfights!
¥ Mouse + Keyboard or Controller
¥ Tons of replayability through challenges, secrets and upgrades
¥ Competitive features (online leaderboards, ghosts)
¥ One-person team, contracting audio
¥ Aiming for a release early 2018