Student Entrant 2019

Indiana University - Bloomington
Almost Infinity Games


In Rollossus, the player takes on the role of an incredibly agile ball spawned from a greater being named Oton, tasked to eliminate planet-destroying enemies to bring the planet back from the brink of collapse. Killing these enemies will require the player to out-wit and out maneuver hordes of varied enemies that are desperate to take you out.

You are in the final fight. You've done what Oton asked, but now he demands that you sacrifice yourself to him. AS you resist, he accepts the fact that you've become smart and self sufficient and decides to use his own energy to spawn an overwhelming number of enemies to take you down. When that begins to fail, Oton decides that it's time to take you down personally, unleashing devastating power on you. However, the area is not a safe place for any ball. With life threatening traps around every bend, you use your navigational abilities to trick enemies into death pits, incinerating flames, spike traps, and unpredictable launch pads to dispose of the threat, and take Oton down once and for all.