Entrant 2022

Santa Ragione


A multi-character proc-narrative survival-horror rogue-lite exploration-adventure inspired and heavily influenced by the folklore of Sardinia, Italy, a region rich with unique traditions and culture.

You will play as four characters, experiencing a deeply connected storyline that ties back to the haunting traditions of this ancient village.

The village itself is an elaborate maze with no two iterations being precisely the same - you will have to explore and solve the mysteries of the game largely unguided. Die, and watch the village reconfigure itself into a new form.

Solve puzzles and open shortcuts to new areas with tools and items you find along the way, unlocking every piece of the story with different characters, each suited for another aspect of exploration and investigation.

Heavily stylized visuals feature 'sketched' artwork and animations inspired by stop-motion and rotoscoping film techniques to immerse players in a world unlike anything else.

Music and audio performed by reinventing ancient music and sounds, with an electronic twist in the style of Italian giallo classics from the 70s.

With a limited supply of matches to light your way and darkness encroaching, can you find your way through the fog to reveal the truth? Or will you be engulfed by the secrets this town doesn't want you to know?