~Song of Homunculus~

Entrant 2022

Diamond Ace (LIly Zone + Zoë Sparks)


The tale of a rakish lump of clay, given life at the beginning of the world, who wanders here and there rummaging in dumpsters for rare garbage, befriending a criminal hamster, getting involved in the political affairs of the bigfeet of Moonlantis, etc. A lovely game for those RPG fans who enjoy sidequests, secrets, and a very large number of available party members. By Lily Zone and Zoë Sparks (/Elf Bowling RPG: Episode V -IF YOU MEET THE SANTA ON THE ROAD... ROAST HIM OVER AN OPEN FIRE-/, /THE VIRTUAL MUSEUM OF DEAD-WIFERY/, etc.) with a title theme by emamouse.