The Song of Seven Chapter 1: Overture

Entrant 2016

Enlightened Games


"An awakening wrapped in self-discovery." The Song of Seven Chapter 1: Overture is the first in a series of seven chapters of an adventure puzzle game. This journey features multi-tiered puzzles, branching conversations, characters with depth and a unique world, created from the ground up by the Enlightened Games design team. Story is the main mechanism that will drive players in The Song of Seven, with each chapter reflecting the growth, maturation, and experiences of the game's protagonist, Kiba. The players will get to start their journey with Kiba as a young teenager, stifled in a world of fear and survival. Kiba is convinced to leave the borders of his secluded and remote village, an enthralling and deep story unfolds. Each chapter will deal with things like death, anxiety, confidence, sexuality, and many easy-to-relate phases we all struggle through in the transition between teenage angst and awkwardness, and adulthood.