Song in the Smoke

Entrant 2022



Brave the elements and battle strange beasts to stay alive in Song in the Smoke, an expansive and mysterious VR survival game set in a world outside of time.

Survival is quite literally in your hands: craft weapons, make clothes, build fires, and brew healing elixirs—all while defending yourself against vicious predators. Block, parry, and strike back with your club, attack from distance with your bow, or use your wits to sneak past the massive, lethal creatures that call this land their home.

In Song in the Smoke, you are at once both the hunted and the hunter. Use your senses to stalk prey in virtual reality: track their smell, follow their footprints, and deftly plan your next strike. When you're ready, intuitive and responsive VR controls let you execute the perfect shot—a shot that could mean the difference between survival and death.