Summoners Fate

Entrant 2019

D20Studios, LLC


Summoners Fate is a top-down fantasy adventure meets deck builder that's about defeating your opponent in the most creative ways possible. Hurl a squirrel at your opponent's face, then play a card to transform it into a super human squirrel mutant or fury satchel charge. Gravity blast enemy forces across the map and then mind control them to serve you. Turn back the clock with time spell mechanics never before seen in a CCG, like sending a steampunk golem to the past to wreak havoc.

Your screen is a window to another world where its inhabitant look up to you (literally) to lead them. Determine the destiny of hundreds of diverse characters by choosing the right cards and team members to build your deck as you explore an ever-changing single player campaign filled with challenges. Battle other players with cross-platform multiplayer on desktop and mobile in real-time, async and offline modes.