Super Mombo Quest

Entrant 2021

Orube Game Studio


Super Mombo Quest is a fast and acrobatic platformer with lots of action, precision and a rewarding combo system for PC, mobiles and consoles! It mixes the metroidvania genre with classic arcade mechanics, featuring some crazy combat, challenging combos and plenty of collectibles - all in a huge interconnected world!

Your objective is to save the Subrosa's lands from the evil King of Nightmares. And for that, you must explore the four corners of the map to find the big crystals that will open the portal. To help in the adventure, each crystal transforms you into a new shape with an extra ability! You can take the fire, the leaf, the rock… or even the electric form! But be careful, you will only get these crystals after facing intense battles against wicked bosses.

Make combos by defeating all of the enemies in the level while your combo bar is active. Defeat bosses, unlock upgrades and choose a Mombo form to customize your gameplay and make lots of Mombo Combos!