Susurrus: Season of Tides

Entrant 2018

Evil Overlord Games


Susurrus: Season of Tides is a story-driven text adventure set in an urban fantasy world of conspiracy and horror. With its deep narrative focus and beautiful static art, it plays like a visual novel - or rather, a visual serial with a continuing, ever-evolving story. Underneath the single-player experience is a multiplayer component: the choices that other players make along the way shift the behavior of the game world. Depending on player choices, different quests become available, different factions take control of the city, and the details of the overall story arc shift in subtle ways for all players.

Player characters will be transformed into a vampire, werewolf, or mage upon awakening to a hidden magical world that seethes in the shadows of familiar modern life. From there, they'll discover spiderwebs of secrets and conspiracies, survive uncanny beasts and walking nightmares, and build unique powerbases of connections and resources. Players will be joined and aided by a vibrant and diverse cast of NPCs, with whom they can develop personal relationships. Susurrus is free to play on any browser.