Tales Kid Goblin: Puzzle Crush!!

Entrant 2019

WhiteSWord Art Studio


Puzzle + Adventure + Retro

The lost kingdom are formed by dungeons where Kid Goblin will have to
escape and dungeon level contains a specific set of Tiles.

When Kid Goblin pass from one Tile to another, the last one dissapears
and only when he has stepped on all of them,the goal tile opens and
teleport you to next level. If Kid Goblin doesn't step on a tile he will fall
into the void!!

There exists special tiles that activates bridges or special situations. You
better discover all Tile classes if you want to overcome all the dungeons!!

-8 bits style
-+70 Levels
-12 Tutorial levels
-4 Minigames
-Old TV filter (ON-OFF)
-2 Languages
-...And 2 Dogs!!