Entrant 2014



THUMPER is a fast-paced action game that combines elements of racing and rhythm games. The star of the game is THUMPER, the ultimate space beetle. Galactically famous for his high chrome finish and chill personality, THUMPER has a penchant for staggering collisions and reckless ventures into uncharted psychic domains. He is a master of high-risk moves, including thumping, sliding, flying, and pounding.

Unfortunately, a malign force is stirring within its fiendish nest. The supernatural being known as CRAKHED has awoken and his ever-gaze burns with hatred for THUMPER.

CRAKHED is marshaling his army of blasphemous servitors and preparing a merciless onslaught. But what drives CRAKHED? What is his endgame? Such questions do not matter to THUMPER, who moves forward, ever forward. The mission is clear... KILL CRAKHED!