Entrant 2021

Phantom Compass Inc.


Triversal is a game of simply satisfying spatial puzzles to unwind with. Suspend a light orb over a black hole by connecting to the surrounding supports to unlock the next level. A beautiful little palette cleanser for your brain between intense tasks.

Easy to learn and super chill, with hundreds of levels to meditate through and different modes to satisfy your mood. Play at your own pace, and stimulate your brain with a light challenge and a gentle learning curve. Select from various music tracks and visual pairings to enhance your vibe & get in the zone.

Toggle on the "Streamer Assist" overlay to add numbered labels to your Triversal puzzles while you stream, so you and and your Facebook, Twitch, Youtube or other audience viewers can play along & easily collaborate on solutions in chat as easy as 1-2-3!un