Entrant 2019

snowhydra games


Zarvot is a game about cubes.
Cubes that are friendly, reliable, impeccably square, and also shoot lasers out their noses.
You and your friends are cubes. Tiny, adorable cubes with feelings, hopes, dreams, unrequited loves, and the innate ability to raze their surroundings with unquantifiable destruction.

You'll pick up being a cube in no time. Invite your friends over and challenge them in competitive cube combat! Destroy your friends with precision lasers, rapid fire guns, and master the devastating radial beam. Blast, warp, and crash through walls in over a dozen destructible thunderdomes across a variety of casual and competitive game modes. Zip around boulders in the forest, face off in dramatic rainstorms, and more!

Gather up to four friends for fast paced, chaotic couch multiplayer modes, or snuggle up solo to a cute story about cube friends -- A full length, narrative-driven action/adventure game.

Follow the adventure of Charcoal and Mustard as they put together the ultimate birthday present to cheer up their best friend. Take the subway to nine unique worlds filled with delicious arcade action. Fight rogue bananas, evil milk cartons, and crayon box spiders in your quest--whatever it takes to help your cube friend!