2024 Competition Entrants

by Julian Heuser

Year Unknown is a narrative driven game about the very far future. The universe has been turned into a large database of all of humanity's knowledge, art, and ideas. So large that special AI are needed to help sort and interpret it.

You wake up alone, and find a distress call coming from the center. The once-stagnant universe is breaking down, and there may be no way to save it.

by Brave At Night

Yes, Your Grace: Snowfall is a cinematic kingdom management game. Make alliances, support your loved ones and rebuild the trust of your people. Dive into a Slavic-folklore inspired world, bursting with enchanting characters that will bring trouble, help or laughter into your throne room. Challenge your petitioners' intent and decide if you want to satisfy their pleas.

by Awesome Games Studio

Yet Another Zombie Survivors is another survival roguelite, where you'll fearlessly confront an advancing horde of relentless zombies, putting your strategic brilliance and survival instincts to the ultimate test. Curate your dream squad by handpicking characters with distinctive enhancements, seamlessly melding their abilities into a harmonious symphony of devastation that effortlessly obliterates successive waves of undead adversaries.

by Zing Games Inc.

Zombie Rollerz: The Last Ship is a tower-on-wheels zombie survival roguelite game.

Build! Survive! Explore!

Take command of the last ship and explore a land filled with endless waves of zombies. Build turrets and command your crew! Gather loot and try to survive until the bitter end!

Key features:
- Ship management: Turrets, Crews, and Ship components
- Hordes of zombies
- Procedurally Generated Map

2023 GDC Pitch Winner
2023 GDC Best in Play Winner.
2023 Tokyo Game Show - Selected Indie 80
2023 indiePlay - Nominated as Excellence in Game Design