1... 2... 3... Kick It (Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby)

Entrant 2014

Dejobaan Games (with Zapdot and Hybrid Mind)


In the sequel to Dejobaan's award-winning AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!, music creates the world.

Futurist Azumi Pentak BASE jumps through Boston Sky, collecting data for a digital Noah's Ark she calls the "Ugly Baby." Her optics are programmed to allow her to see sound, causing the world to change and dance to her soundtrack.

And yours. Let's not forget your music, already.

Dodge your favorite drum 'n' bass track or gently float through that trance album. "Ugly Baby" takes your MP3 tracks library and creates floating cities for you to explore. I could yammer on further, but I've run out of space.