The 4Runner's Gospel

Entrant 2022

The Books of Egu


The 4Runner's Gospel(T4G) is a series of fictional video games and interactive content inspired by the New Testament. It takes players on a hands on visual and musical adventure filled with adrenaline, puzzling mysteries, and engaging animations.

The 4Runner's Gospel offers the principles of faith through gaming to make faith fun. The intention of T4G is to shift the way children and young adults learn about stories from the Bible. Today, they are more likely to interact and learn from stories in video games or animations than to read the stories in the Bible. This is because the way we interact with faith based content is outdated. Where's the fun? T4G is the new and innovative solution to teach people about spirituality through media by bringing play into the equation. It leaves room for growth and exploration by putting the learning experience in the hands of the player

We follow Jon, Peta and Jude (futuristic re-imaginations of John the Baptist, Peter and Judas) who are wrongfully imprisoned and banished to the dystopian city of Nemean. Together, they develop an elaborate plan to escape toward freedom and the promise of a savior who awaits on the other side.