Entrant 2020


Elsinore turns William Shakespeare's classic tragedy Hamlet into a time-looping story in the vein of Groundhog Day or Majora's Mask. As Ophelia, the player lives through the tragedy of Hamlet over and over again, trying to find ways to alter the fate of her friends and family. The game's simulation tracks what every character in the play knows and believes, and uses that information to choose what "scene" will happen next. While the actual scenes are hand written, this allows Elsinore to dynamically respond to all sorts of player actions in exciting and often unpredictable ways.

There have been a few other games to take on Hamlet, and most have taken a comedic approach. But in Elsinore, most of the actions the player can take only lead to more tragedy, and while each outcome can give you a better understanding of the world and the characters that inhabit it, something will always be lost for everything gained. Elsinore challenges the player to make the most of unwinnable situations—and choose what is most important to them.