PAGAN: Autogeny

Entrant 2020

Oleander Garden


A thousand worlds surround our own, composed of bits and bytes. When they die, where do they go; what secrets do they hide? Stumble ye, wayfarer, through the wreckage of a dead MMO.

PAGAN: Autogeny is an experimental first person open world role playing game set in the digital ruins of a largely abandoned MMORPG. It is heavily inspired by long-forgotten bargain-bin 1990s adventure games, and by a general ethos of user-hostile design. Features include:

> Over 100 acres of lovingly handcrafted playable space

> An increasingly esoteric series of secret endings

> Five major zones + a litany of hidden areas

> Four idiosyncratic repeatable boss fights

> Over 7000 possible gear combinations

> Five strange and eldritch skills

> Very cursed gender_magick()

Good luck, wayfarer, and God Speed.