Alien Undead Armageddon

Entrant 2016

Five Media Software Group


Saving the world, bit by bit!

Save the neighborhood from the alien summoned undead in true retro platforming style.

Alien Undead Armageddon is a retro platformer combining the best of platformer games from the 80s, 90s, and today. Aliens have crash landed on earth. It's up to AJ, and his inventor genius father to defeat them and save the neighborhood, and earth! Battle a variety of enemies, use high tech weapons, master speed levels, and defeat bosses! It's all there.

Alien Undead Armageddon features include:

- 4 Unique stages each with new enemies, challenges and bosses.
- Over 36 levels with varying game play and goals. Speed levels, bosses, puzzles, and action.
- Support for Android Tablets, Mac, Windows, and Linux PCs.
- Alien Undead Armageddon will be released for Android in the Google Play store fall 2015, and targeting a greenlight launch on Steam Winter 2015/2016.

Sound effects and music were done by VillageSound -