Amazing Loot Grind

Entrant 2016

Michael T. Astolfi - Star Penguin Games


The evil wizard, RNG, has stolen all of your hard-earned loot, and hidden it in countless treasure chests! To get it back, you must use your skill at opening treasure chests, to, well... open treasure chests. Open chests, get better loot, and equip it to increase your odds of getting better loot. Grind until you get the best loot!

All the fun of opening the chest, without having to run the dungeon!

Amazing Loot Grind is an experiment. The game attempts to strip the loot mechanic of the RPG genre to its bones, while still creating an engaging and enjoyable gameplay experience. Further, by subjecting players to a grind for loot through such a simple format, Amazing Loot Grind subtly forces players to reexamine what exactly they are doing as they pour hours into the slot machine mechanics that have come to represent the apex gameplay experience of our favorite games. Why play that fantasy MMO or that space shooter/RPG hybrid when you could get the same endgame experience with a few taps on your phone?