December 17, 2012

IGF 2013 highlights Visual Art, Audio Award jurors

igf-student.jpgOrganizers of the 2013 Independent Games Festival are pleased to announce the latest additions to its discipline-specific jury panels that will determine the finalists and winner of its various awards.

The jury announcements for this year are beginning with some of the industry professionals, independent game notables and former IGF award winners that will make up its Excellence in Visual Art and Excellence in Audio Awards.

The latest jury rundown following prior announcements of its Nuovo and debut Narrative Award jurists, as well as this year's Design and Technical Excellence juries.

The Excellence in Visual Art Award

The Visual Art award is a category which seeks to highlight the innovation and quality in visuals for indie games.

Prior finalists and winners of the IGF Visual Art award have been entrants which featured impressive displays of the craft of games, including The Behemoth's vibrant cartoon-ish beat-em-up Castle Crashers, Polytron's 2D/3D "trixel"-based puzzle platformer Fez, Amanita Design's hand-painted adventure game Machinarium, Playdead's equal parts soft and stark monochromatic puzzler Limbo, and thechineseroom's ambient first-person exploration game Dear Esther.

The jury consists of the following:

- Grant Duncan (founding member & artist on Hello Games' IGF finalist Joe Danger)
- Jen Zee (Supergiant Games art director on games including Bastion)
- Jakub Dvorsky (founder, Amanita Design, creators of multiple IGF award winning games like Samorost, Machinarium & Botanicula)
- Ben Esposito (independent artist & designer, most recently level designer of The Unfinished Swan)
- Sara Gross (independent illustrator and artist on games like Oregon Whale)
- Beth Maher (illustrator, designer and developer of games like Kreayshawn: the Game)
- Steven Burgess (former designer of Frontier's LostWinds, now working with Hello Games on the iOS version of Joe Danger)
- Kelly Smith (artist & animator at Capy on games including Critter Crunch & Clash of Heroes)
- Richard Hogg (artist on Honeyslug games including Poto & Cabenga, Frobisher Says & IGF finalist Hohokum)
- Patrick Smith (as 'Vectorpark', creator of games & interactive toys like Windosill, Feed the Head & Levers)