Atomic Fusion: Particle Collider

Entrant 2014

ByteSized Studios


***Finalist in the 2013 Captivate Conference Game Competition!***

SCIENTISTS! Journey through quantum space and fuse the elements in this retro- inspired arcade game for iOS and Android!

The game is ATOMIC FUSION.

Your Role: Quantum Physicist

Your Goal: Create all the known elements of the periodic table by absorbing and manipulating matter, antimatter, plasma waves, and electrons.

More Details:
Arm yourself with the sheer power of Electrons. Amass this energy to release stronger reactions to
support your journey into the void. But beware! The boundaries of Quantum Space is unknown…there is sure to be mysterious matter that is yet to be discovered.

Compete against other physicists to see who can name those undiscovered elements and go down in history!

Venture forth into the dark spaces and pioneer the next phase of elemental discovery!