Badminton Warrior

Entrant 2019



An evil being has taken your friend, and all you have is a badminton racquet. But sometimes, a badminton racquet is all that you need. Badminton Warrior is a 2D side scroller action/platformer game where you fight enemies by hitting their attacks back at them. In true badminton style, you can drive, clear, or smash your way to victory!

Sports themed and filled with a crazy cast of characters, Badminton Warrior does not take itself too seriously. Along the way you will meet a hockey player who believes he is a god, a basketball player who turns his trophy into a wife then marries her, a lacrosse player who runs an insane asylum, and many more odd personalities. Although light hearted in spirit, make no mistake, Badminton Warrior is a challenging game that harkens to the retro 8-bit titles of the past. It will test your reflexes, timing, and intellect on your journey to rescuing your friend and facing the ultimate evil in sports, the Bellighost.