Bandit Simulator

Entrant 2022


Playing the role of a Bandit, the player travels through the charming town of Voyjslavitze, discovering the secrets of the inhabitants. He will deprive the wealthier citizens of the purse, being careful not to be caught by the not very smart, but effective guards. The main axis of the story is the preparation for the theft of a new, valuable artifact that lies in the prince's treasure.

We will be helped by various types of crooks, thieves, smugglers, and even an eccentric magician. As the character develops, the player gains access to new skills and spells. Careful bandits will find a variety of easter eggs that refer to various works of popular culture.

You decide what your adventure will be!

Bet on dynamic gameplay by stealing gold candlesticks and plates or robbing caravans passing through the forest.
However, some robberies will require a very carefully thought-out strategy.

Complete tasks, improve your skills, and buy better equipment. Become part of a city legend everyone dreams of.