In The Black®

Entrant 2019

Impeller Studios


Impeller Studios' debut project, In The Black®, is a free-to-play hardcore multiplayer space combat sim for PCs. Created by the designer of Crysis, Jack Mamais, and the gameplay and story lead of the X-Wing & TIE Fighter series, David Wessman, the game is set in our solar system 200 years from now. Megacorporations ruthlessly compete to exploit offworld resources and engage in shadowy, covert wars for commercial advantage. Players are the hired guns sent into battle, and it's up to them to select the best ship, weapons, and tactics needed to fulfill their contract.

The game is exceptional in its respect for science and strives to make everything as realistic as possible. Our "hard science" portrayal of space combat has been recognized by renowned Dartmouth physicist Marcelo Gleiser, and In The Black® is one of only 7 games to have been awarded the coveted Atomic Rockets "Seal of Approval". All of the ships, weapons, and deep space infrastructure could actually be built. The physical environment, the physics of space combat, even the special effects and narrative elements are all designed to maximize player immersion and provide the most believable and exciting space combat experience ever.