Entrant 2021

The Game Band


Blaseball is an absurdist-horror fantasy baseball game where Fans gamble to remake the league in their image. When you partake in Blaseball, you're a Fan. All Fans watch the same games together on the website, just like they would watch a live sport in a stadium. Gambling is allowed and encouraged, though the money isn't real. Fans bet virtual currency on simulated games that unfold over the course of a week-long season.

Fans spend their winnings on power-ups to increase payouts or on Votes for the weekly Election. Every Sunday, Fans Vote to change the teams, the rosters, and even the rules of the game. The Election results hint at what the next season will bring.

Outside of the game, Fans are creating staggering amounts of art, writing backstories for every player, and recording full-length Blaseball EPs. Blaseball offers infinite head canons and Fans are encouraged to share their unique vision of the league. The community engages on Discord and Twitter, where they watch games and cheer for their favorite teams together, organize in-game collective actions, role play as in-universe characters and champion causes they care about.

Blaseball is unapologetically justice-focused, and we use our platform to support causes we believe in.