Entrant 2016



Bomberlands is a cross-genre 3D video game combining features of action, role-playing and adventure games. The game is developed on the Unity engine and supports Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
Bombs! Explosions! Robots and monsters! Entangled labyrinths and difficult puzzles!

The game tells the story of the evil genius's minions lost on the destroyed underground base. The first player's priority is to restore the base and save other minions shut in the labyrinth. There are several ways to beat the game making new friends, facing many enemies and their leaders and solving challenging puzzles…

Game features:
• Flexible character development: try to be an agile spy or an invincible warrior.
• Fully destructible environments: almost all objects can be destroyed.
• Vivid and elaborate characters: each character has its own features.
• Nonlinearity: you can complete every level in variety of ways.