Entrant 2014



Buba was a little beetle that lived with all the other beetles in beetle land. As Buba walked over the grass, it turned to stone. Buba was cursed! His friends said he was ruining all their food as they could no longer reach the seeds. Buba was sad. Everyone stopped talking to him! Buba thought maybe if he collected all the seeds for his friends they would love him again?

At its simplest form, Buba is a puzzle game with the objective of collecting all the seeds available in each level. The levels consist of different grids of tiles that you, as a beetle, walk on with certain constraints of course. Tiles act differently when the player passes over them according to their type. This brings us to the tricky part, the beetle changes colour and based on that colour, it can only walk on the corresponding tile type. Now, there's a special tile that enables the beetle to change colour and when it walks on the tiles, they change back to their original colour (going from grassy areas to rocky areas for example), changing the path again. A level editor is also available where you create custom levels and share them with other players.