Builder's Brawl

Student Entrant 2020

California State University, Chico
Sam Boydstun / Chico State Game Studios


Builder's Brawl, a competitive game where you and friends are clumsy builders attempting to build a bridge over a gap with absolutely zero experience in carpentry. Whoever gets to the other side first wins a ton of points so you may not want to let your friends just build willy nilly! Players will be able to push and slam into one another with a wacky comical style, all the while braving the elements of their awful unrealistic wilderness building jobs.

As the most amateur builders receiving the most dangerous jobs, players will have to figure out a way to not be down a river, or off a cliff before the other guy can complete the build. Competition is at the heart of this race and using any danger as your advantage is the key to winning this, Builder's Brawl.