The Call of Karen

Student Entrant 2021

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Trumbus Games


The Call of Karen is a PC simulation comedy game about a 1950s suburban housewife whose home is being invaded by Cthulhu. You play as said housewife, Karen, who is trapped in an unhappy marriage taking care of an ungrateful child, and is faced with the struggle of keeping up appearances in the face of a home gone mad. Play through tasks that a suburban mom would do as her house slowly descends into chaos!

- Intense physics-based vacuuming, cooking, and cleaning action!
- An intriguing, funny, and fully voiced narrative featuring Cthulhu and 1950s misogyny run amok!
- The experience of slowly losing your mind in the face of eldritch madness...and the messes your husband and children leave behind!