Entrant 2013


Catch-22 is a relaxing and frustrating one-button arcade game in which you play against your previous self endlessly. Your goal is to score as many points while avoiding your ghost by picking up all the small marbles that float around. Once you collect them all, you will switch to your other self, and the one you leave will become your new ghost. You will now have to evade your own jumps from the previous turn with new jumps, which will become your enemy again once you collect all the marbles!

In this game your past will finally catch up on you, and you will crash into yourself. but in Catch-22 you are the only one to blame for it...

The game was made in January during the Global Game Jam and won the national event in The Netherlands. The name is borrowed from the book from Joseph Heller. A catch22 is a situation where the solution for a problem is also the foundation for that same problem, which makes it unsolvable. In this game your jumps are necessary to avoid the other you and score points, but once you switch they become your problem again which you will have to solve with new jumps.

Being just a one-button game, and having no game mechanics that attack the player but the player himself, Catch-22 is an example of complexity through simplicity and minimalism.