Cave Dash

Student Entrant 2016

San Diego Mesa College
Sick Interactive


1st place Winner of the Portfolium Student Competition:

A Free to Play, Infinite Side Scrolling Cave Adventure!!! Silex, a Bestia creature, climbs his way through a Lush and Magical Diamond filled multi-directional cave system, collecting Coins and avoiding Pits on his way. Avoid these Pits, as the Mallum Creatures will drill out and drain all your powers!

-Hover over the Magical June bug to fill up the Bug Juice Bar to generate points and listen to awesome tunes!
-Once the Bug Juice Bar fills up, you gain a point!
-Retrieve the Magical Red Flying Enchantment Scrolls. But, beware, they can be risky after +5, so pick them up wisely!
-The higher you enchant your character, the faster your Bug Juice Bar will generate, which means more points!
-Retrieve Bug Coin throughout the game in order to unlock Safe Enchant features, which gives the player free Safe Enchantments.
-Every 50 Bug Coins you pick up or receive, you unlock a Safe Enchant!
-Keep a lookout for the "REST" button! It gives you a chance to gain between 50-100 Bug Coin for Free!

-Tilt device Left and Right to move Horizontally
-Tap to Jump

The player is given choices throughout the game that they will need to decide on the fly and it is up to them to decide which choice or method is best in order to gain the highest amount of points/enchants. Having "Top Enchant" and the classic "Top Score" together, give the player a few more options on how they want to compete on the leaderboards. Enchanting is an extra PVP feature in Cave Dash and can be played as a meta-game all in itself.

Short Background Story:
In a region we call black space, lies a cold, dark planet. This planet is called, "Hoolook", which resides in the galaxy of Ramonia. In the beginning, there was an interesting species, called, the Bestia. They were a group of slightly uncanny furry blue creatures, very humble, but very powerful, and they fiendishly guard their magical powers. The Bestia controlled and resided on the planet of Hoolook, living a tranquil life. A different species called "The Mallum", from the planet of Mastadon, decided to take over the Bestia's planet. The Mallum's planet, Mastadon, was in short supply of magic. The Mallum realized that the Bestia's Holook planet was rich in magical powers contained inside the Bestia species and needed to restore their dying planet of Mastadon with this power. Ever since the Mallum came to the Holook planet, it pushed the Bestia deep beneath their soil into the dark caves.

The Mallum will do anything in their path to drain the Bestia's powers. The Mallum constantly attempt to drill deep beneath the frozen planet in search of the Bestia. Once the Bestia are captured, the Mallum then drain all the powers of the Bestia. They transfer this magic from the Mallum's body into a magical capsule in order to bring it back to their planet. But, the Mallum usually decide to keep a little bit inside their bodies, so that they can use the magic to fight off the Bestia. The powers they have are short lived, but once all the powers are drained from the Bestia, the Mallum will keep these powers forever. This is exactly what the Bestia are afraid of. When all of the Bestia are captured and drained of all their powers, it is up to Silex (one of the Bestia creatures) to escape from the Mallum's death trap and regain his powers.

-Optimized for iPhone 6
-Game Center (Leaderboards: Top Score / Top Enchant)
-iCloud syncing between devices (Bug coin and all scores)
-Screenshot Sharing!
-Multi-direction generated cave system. You probably will never go the same exact route every time!
-In-App purchases | Custom characters that come with personalized sound effects!

-Uses top notch graphics API's that gives the ability to run dynamic real-time lights and high resolution images.
-Advanced image effects, such as blooming
-Optimized with High Dynamic Range Rendering (better looking lighting effects)

Future Updates:
-More unique themed characters!
-More rewards!