Entrant 2013



Crashtastic is a physics based vehicle sandbox game. The goal is simple... build fully destructible vehicles to help your robotic rag doll companion accomplish goals in the challenge mode, or torture him in the sandbox mode by building the most convoluted series of ramps, quarter pipes, walls, and watching him crash at insane speeds.

Current Features:
*Build fully destructible vehicles in an intuitive editor using various sized blocks, braces, shocks, and wheels.
*Power your vehicle with tunable rockets.
*Control your vehicle with steerable wheels and controllable rockets.
*Challenge Levels - 22 Levels Including, jumps, head-on collisions, targets, and race through checkpoints to the finish.
*Sandbox Mode - Build levels to test your designs, or just go crazy and crash vehicles till your hearts content.
*Replay Viewer - Watch each crash over and over in slow-mo or reverse. Share it with your friends by uploading to YouTube directly from the game.
*Global Records - Track various stats per level, compare them to your friends, and see how you stack up across the world.