Entrant 2022

Fantastico Studio & Julian Palacios


CUCCCHI is a project created by Fantastico Studio & Julian Palacios for the artist Enzo Cucchi. It arises from the artist's need to develop his personal archive. Instead of a classic website, it was designed in the form of a video game.

CUCCCHI is not just a video game inspired by the art of Enzo Cucchi or a video game that reworks his works of art, it is the true official digital archive of the artist.
On the archive site (, instead of consulting the classic catalog of works, it is possible to play CUCCCHI, in a version without game saves.

The game is available from the end of July in its full version for console and PC at a cost of $ 6.99.
This means, and we think it is a remarkable fact, that it is possible to buy (and play) on consoles such as the PlayStation 5 the digital version of the catalog of one of the masters of the Transavanguardia.

CUCCCHI is an exploratory subjective video game divided into seven levels, digital places to explore and created starting from the works of Enzo Cucchi.
In the levels, you can collect floating eyes (one of the recurring elements in the artist's work) that allow you to unlock Cucchi's works in the gallery available in the game's main menu.
To do this, you must arrive at your destination, that is, at the end of the level, without being reached by skulls (another recurring element in Cucchi) that chase you through labyrinthine spaces.
Each time a skull reaches you you will lose one of the eyes you collected, and if you are grabbed when you are without eyes you have to start the level again.